Working towards 100 % customer satisfaction ?

The present day market conditions are consistently focusing on the ever-increasing need to develop a work culture wherein we make our valued customer as comfortable & satisfied as we can. This is nothing but the concept of Relationship Marketing, which strongly emphasizes the continuing relationships, which should exist between the organization & its customers, with the emphasis on customer service & quality. In a great & increasing proportion of transactions, the relationship actually intensifies subsequent to the sale. This becomes the central factor in the customer's choice of the seller the next time or even in recommending the same to his / her acquaintance. Creating such a professional & healthy work culture calls for the training & development of the workforce. The basis for establishing such a relationship requires development of the following dimensions in our team members - Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Tangibles (to name a few). Often the absence of emotional self control, absence of good oratory skills,presentation skills & lack of sensitivity towards the
irreplaceable customer has hazardous results.


There are certain moments when
your entire business appears
crystal clear…

…its when your clients give
you a 360 degree feedback.

"...if your ads
have not reached the customers,
its as good as
not having advertised."

At thinkingunlimited we design creative advertising campaigns plan strategies to smoothen your publicity, train your staff to live up to the expectations of the products you sell and the consumer-expectations your ads will generate & we shall help you in your relationship management. After all our ads should be aimed at the emotions of the consumers... We have to therefore work on breaking the market patterns, positioning our products clearly, reflecting the character of our products, create an appeal which touches both heart & head of the customer and generate trust. We suggest sales & marketing strategies to give your products the mileage they deserve. We would also be able to help your staff in meeting the market challenges by providing them customized training.