At thinkingunlimited we design customized training capsules to suit the staff development needs of our valued clients. We tailor special sessions keeping in view the nature of clients' business and the high standards they want to demonstrate and practice. The major training areas we recommend are as mentioned below :

Sales Counter Etiquettes (for retail industry).
Personality Development.
Presentation Skills.
Customer Relationship Management Skills.
Communication, Expression and body language Skills.
Attitude and Emotional Self-Control.
Relationship Marketing Skills.

The other areas our HRM Capsule covers are as mentioned below :-

Performance Appraisal System
Feedback System
Motivational Techniques
Recruitment Ads, Screening, Selection and Placement

Our Principal Consultant has designed an innovative package titled "Guidelines on Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development" : HRM - HRD Guidelines for Managers, Trainers, Administrators, Executives, Supervisors and all professionals in the discipline of Human Resource Management and Development. This package is based on the author's vast experience and exposure in the field of Human Resource Management. (can forward the Synopsis for details if interested)

The ultimate objective is to create a very
professional attitude and work culture and thus optimize the output of each and every staff member.

...with Globalization gathering momentum in India, having a good business profile and a reputation of global standards has become a must for the market-sensitive businessperson. The growing competition, developments in the world of media and communication have made it even more necessary for the businessperson to think-globally. Managing the brand, sustaining the market-challenges and fighting it out to achieve the competitive edge is what every business aims at. But, how many can actually do it ? You may have an absolutely perfect product a customer would desire to buy. But, does your product have enough projection, reputation or recognition in the retail-jungle ? It is possible that when it comes to Brand Positioning and Market Share you lose out against a less deserving rival... the main reason is an inadequately conceptualized Brand Strategy.

...make your presence felt and you will feel the world of a difference.

Advertising campaigns should be well planned and not random. A professional always has an annual calendar for the ad-campaigns and should be able to tap the right hoardings, right magazines & newspapers and the right target group at the right time. It is not necessary to blindly follow what the world is doing. We can afford to be different. It is this difference in our vision, our orientation and attitude that makes the ultimate difference when it comes to the market-share. Gone are the days when products enjoyed monopoly. Why wait for the crisis to come. Diminish the market-competition by simply planning your publicity campaigns. Yes it is your visibility we are laying emphasis on. You have got the quality product every customer would like to buy, but, just introspect on whether you have got the image and recognition you deserve ?

Often the perfectly designed visuals are backed by have poor write-ups. This has a very negative impact on the brand image. Copywriting is one of the most powerful tools since it is virtual salesmanship in black & white. It is ultimately an effort to position the product in the market. Through varied media we adopt, we are trying to influence the decision making of the prospective customers by getting an edge in competitiveness.

"There is only one thing in the world worse
than being talked about,
and that is not being talked about."
- Oscar Wilde