The routine business life has become very demanding, hectic and mechanical. This has a deep and lasting impact on the quality of human inputs towards achieving the organizational goal. This ultimately affects the cost and quality of client servicing and the final product. The end result is nothing less than a jolt to the brand image and market share.

Our logo has been specially crafted to convey to our priceless clients, our company's philosophy, intensity, vision, sense of purpose, quality, innovation, mutuality, creativity, commitment, sensitivity and consciousness towards their business operations. We aim at creating an environment which promotes Clear Communication and Unlimited Thinking - it is the boundary-less and barrier free culture we recommend.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve an unmatched market positioning and thus a lasting mileage in their competitiveness by providing them quality services to create, develop and maintain a learning work environment and healthy business practices which gives them the edge.

Our mission requires mutuality, truthfulness, creativity, innovation, confidentiality, transparency, sensitivity and punctuality towards the needs of our clients. We observe the etiquettes and discipline our profession demands.

At thinkingunlimited we maintain a transparent work culture that promotes open communication, promotes constant learning and provides just the right intellectual environment that inspires innovation and creativity.

Our commitment, trust, truthfulness and professional killer instinct helps us maintain a work environment where regulations and controls are kept at a minimum.

Having graduated with Economics (Hons),
Mr. J.A. Mankodi completed his P.G. in Law
from Bombay University followed by
specialization in Personnel Management
from the Manchester University (England),
GMIPM (London) during which he was
associated with ICI (England) and AEI (England)
as an observer.

Having worked in a Private Sector Company
in India for 12 years, he shifted to Indian
Petrochemicals Corporation Limited,
A Public Sector (Govt. of India) undertaking.
He retired from IPCL as General Manager
(Personnel & Administration) after a long
association of 21 years. During his tenure at
IPCL he took a revolutionary step in
recruitment by convincing the Management
to visit abroad and recruit Indian Technocrats
settled abroad - Petrochemicals was then in
its formative stage in India and qualified,
experienced engineers were scarce.

He has been associated with various
professional bodies like All India
Management Association, National Institute
of Personnel Management, Productivity
Council and any many other professional
bodies as an Office Bearer and Member
Chairman / President. He visited International
Labour Organization (Geneva) in 1963.
He also attended the Ist World Conference
on Human Resource Development at
Washington (USA) in 1986.

Presently he is a Senior Management
Consultant having his base at Vadodara.

Our Team at thinkingunlimited consists of
hardcore professionals who are into Human
Resource Management, Brand Management,
Designing & Copywriting, Image Management,
Relationship Management, Advertising & Communication,
Sales & Marketing, Presentation Techniques.

Our intervention is all about giving a Creative Touch to our Client's Business Activities. Our clientele includes highly placed young and dynamic entrepreneurs.

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.
Autograph your work with excellence."

"The difference between you and me is only
one of hearing;
when you hear a door shut, I hear it open."

thinkingunlimited is a Team of Hardcore Professionals with the right combination of positive attitude, knowledge base, experience, vision and professional killer instinct required to execute the assignments undertaken with excellence. Our consulting approach is based on the use of thorough business analysis, highly creative and innovative methods backed by empirical data rather than subjective perceptions. Our focus is on the following areas :

Human Resource Management
Brand Management
Graphic Designing
Image Management
Relationship Management
Advertising & Communication
Designing & Copywriting
Sales & Marketing
Presentation Techniques

We refrain from assignments for which we do not have or cannot develop the required competencies.

...with Globalization gradually picking up pace in the world market and the deep impact it has been having on the Indian sub-continent, it becomes necessary for the Business Houses to work towards facing these challenges. It is not the mere survival we are talking about, it is the edge the optimistic businesspersons would like to achieve in their competitiveness. This is possible only through the invaluable support and contribution of an enlightened, motivated and enthusiastic work force.